Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween! IED

Hey, happy Halloween! Its 8:14, and almost Halloween. I'm not the Halloween type....i don't even think you should capitalize Halloween. But, anyways tonight we carved pumpkins. My pumpkin is a frog. :) It was so fun because when I was done getting all of the pumpkin guts out of my pumpkin, I had it in one bowl and i got my hands covered up in it. It was all gooey, and squishy...I love that feeling. So, what are you being for Halloween? I'm going to be a cat. :) A black and white cat. We weren't going to go trick or treating this year. Well, last year...we went home early and went to Chillis. That was a bad Halloween memory. But at the last minute I decided I wanted to go trick or treating. So we are. Kinda exciting. Well, I don't need 4-h ideas anymore. I finished my speech! Its exactly 3 minutes and 1 second long. (If you talk pretty slow.) All I need to do is finish writing it down. Since i typed it up first. Oh, and by the way, the IED thing is supposed to be a Halloween face with a uni-brow if you turn your head. :) Happy Halloween!

-Cat-Girl- IED

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

4-h....Any Ideas?

4-h. If anyone is actually reading this post, i need ideas. In school, we have to make a speech about a certain topic. I picked caring. Well, just because i chose to. And I have no idea what i should write.
Any pointers? If you have done a 4-h speech I would really appreciate if you could give me ideas on the comment thingy. ;)


Monday, October 24, 2011

School Is Very Long.

Here is what I believe:
Since you work on a very long week at school, you should get more than two days off.... The school days should be only five hours, and there shouldn't be social studies. That is all I would like to say about school. Anyway, I forgot how much I love swinging. Just the other day, I was kinda bored, so I decided to go outside to play on our swing set. I haven't swung in a very long time, so i completely forgot how I love to swing! So now I spend most of my time reading, swinging, and playing my D.S.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Break Was Great...

How was fall break? I had so much fun! While my oldest sister is at college, my second sister was with her friend... My mom, dad, third sister and I went to Nashville. We had lunch, and then we
went to a park and laid in the shade. We played sorry, talked, and read in the shade. It was really fun. (We rarely do fun things like that...) But then the fun ended and I'm back in school. Anyways,
its Friday, and I don't have any more boring non-fun school! Well, bye.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hey! I just wanted to show you guys pictures so I can refresh your memory of me and my third oldest sister. :)

Found my blog :)

Its been so long since i have written in my cute small blog...i have been looking for it for a very long time. I know what you are can't loose a blog, but you really can! I haven't been writing for so long, and I forgot my user-name and password, then i even forgot my blog's name! I have been looking for it for a very long time...I found it! With my mothers and fathers help of course. Since the last time i have written, i have grown so that i look back at my old posts, I am quite embarrassed. I am now ten years old, i have finally gotten my ears pierced, and i have taken interest in writing, acting, and painting. I'm now a fourth grader and do not enjoy school not one bit...i never really did, but fourth grade is worse. My sister's favorite year was fourth grade, but i didn't get the teacher i wanted, and last year i had three good friends...very good friends, they all got put in the other class! I got the strict teacher, so all the trouble makers are in my class. I had a few friends i knew, and two new girls who are now my very good friends. At least I get new girls in my class. I'm for sure ready for winter break...speaking of winter...i love winter! It's my favorite season. And I am so excited because I am going to Colorado some time in Christmas break! Anyways, my family went to the Taylor Swift concert Speak Now 2011 In Nashville TN. It was so amazing...I cant even explain how amazing it was, i cried really hard and sang along as loud as I could. I love her... :) I will write again soon, bye!