Monday, December 19, 2011


Ugh, I'm not happy. You know why? I have to leave for school in a few minutes. I just have to get through it....its so boring and people are mean. :( But i only have 1 1/2 days counting today of it until winter break! Halleluiah! Haha, I love that word. :) But I don't think I have any tests today, and i might not have homework because tomorrow is a half of day. :) At least I think we don't have any tests....we had benchmark last week so I think we are done. But I'm excited for lunch because I packed a yummy lunch! I packed yummy Gatorade, pizza lunchables, peaches, and a cupcake. :) My mom and I went shopping last night and I picked out the cupcakes. :) I love cupcakes, especially when they have yummy stuff inside of them. Well, better be off to horrible school! :) Bye!

Friday, December 16, 2011

1 1/2 More School Days Untill Christmas!!! Ahhh! :)

Guess what???? Only 1 and 1/2 more days till Christmas! And I'm SOOO glad. You have no idea what I have been through this week....I'm tired of school. I'm tired of people. I AM TIRED! know why? I can't go to bed. I'm stressed. And of course girl drama. But you know why I don't cry out loud in school? Because its almost Christmas! And Christmas break! And its Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! :) I get to sleep in! Yeah....I'm excited. Anyways...I had Benchmark tests today, they were hard. We didn't even learn about some of the thinks on there. But, oh well. I am just glad its almost Christmas. Bye! :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Goldfish, Gravel, And The Leipers Fork Parade.

Today was a really fun day. First, I had a nice sleep and woke up, sneaked to the kitchen and got some goldfish and played Mario Cart with my sister while we stuffed goldfish in our mouths. After everyone woke up, the whole family got warm and went outside. My daddy and mommy rode in the truck, while me and my sisters rode in the trailer to the back of the yard. When the car started I said, "It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!" You know, from Hairy Potter? When the freaky looking head says that in the car. :) But it really hurt because when I said that we drove fast and hit a hole and my but got hurt. :( Anyways, when we reached the back of the yard, we took out shovels and started shoveling tons of gravel onto the trailer. It was fun because I didn't do the hard part. While everyone was shoveling I just smashed and flattened the gravel. :)

When we had enough gravel, we jumped onto the trailer and rode all the way to our drive way. We stopped and shoveled all of the gravel into the pot holes. When I got bored, I took a shovel and stood on it like a pogo stick. :) (It’s my sisters idea...) After about 20 minutes or so, we jumped right back into the trailer, (mommy decided to ride on the trailer this time,) Daddy drove right on the rode while my mommy was yelling to him, "What are you doing??! You’re going to get us killed!" He thought it was going to be easy turning around....but there was a car waiting for us to go. I was freaking out because I was on a trailer, on the road, so I just closed my eyes. :) We had nowhere to go but drive to our neighbors drive way.

We drove a long way down to their house, and of course they were was embarrassing. Their dog started barking, and oh was she a beautiful dog! :) We haven't seen her in....forever. So she didn't recognize us. But she was barking until my mommy called her name, "Hi Annie!" and Annie just stood there. Then she wagged her tail and never barked at us again. :) But we had to drive up to their house and talked for a while. They asked us if we could make that turn to go back. But we made it! It was a big adventure. But the day wasn't over, it was only 1:03 when we returned safely to our home. :)

It was the Leipers Fork Parade today! My sister was in it, because she is a cheerleader for our school. When we got there, it was sooooooooo crowded! And guess what? My sister forgot her Santa Hat. Oh it was bad, when she got to her friends, she was the only one who forgot it. Daddy was on his way to save the day, he headed back home to get it. The parade already started when he got back from home. He walked fast to my sister on the fire truck already, and threw the Santa hat at her. :) Right when he walked two steps away, the fire truck left. Right on time! :) When we were all together again, we finally watched the parade. Well here comes the funniest part of my day, at the parade the parade people throw candy at everyone, so I went to go get the candy on the road, and I bent over and fell flat on my face. It was so funny! And embarrassing! That was my day, and it was really fun. :)


Friday, December 9, 2011

Florence + The Machine

This band is amazing. You have to look their songs up on YouTube! My favorite songs by them are: Dog Days, Shake It Out, I'm Not Calling You A Liar, and Swimming. Look them all up! :) They are super great. Anyways I had my chorus concert the other day, and it was not so good....the mics weren't loud enough and I don't like our songs at all. :) Well, I have to go because my sister wants to get on the computer. :) Bye!


Monday, December 5, 2011 favorite time of the year. favorite time of the may already know that because you read the title of this exciting post. Why? Why is this post going to be so exciting? Because its December. December, the month when you have that exciting Christmas feeling, when its cold when you take the dog outside in the crisp air, when you count down the days until Christmas, when you think about the true meaning of Christmas, when you wake up and run to your window to inspect the weather, when you play in the snow with your sisters or brothers, when you pretend you are ice skating on the concrete, when you dance around your bedroom with your pajamas inside out praying it will be a snow day on the day of the big test, when you cant sleep because in a few hours it will be Christmas morning, when you run down the steps when your parents say to come on down, when you take a bite of your warm, yummy Christmas breakfast, when you eat super fast so you can start opening presents, when you smile when you get a sweet card, and scream when you get the big present you wanted, when you hug your family because of the wonderful Christmas they gave you, when you spend the whole day feasting, talking, and laughing with your family and friends. Thats why this post is so exciting. Thats what Christmas is. Arent you excited? Okay, I know this is a big change of the subject...but I have to tell you, tomorrow is the big winter chorus concert that I am in. :) Its going to be really long, and i have to stay after school from when school ends, (3:30) until the concert ends. (I don't know...I think it ends around 7:30.) But we have to pack a dinner, and pack our clothes, and its going to be very stressful. :) -December-Fan-Girl-