Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! I can't believe it's Valentines Day already. Did you have a good one? I did. Well, it started out being a long day at school but then the party began. :] We had the yummiest food! For my Valentines box I got a big box and put foil all over it. Then I put sparkly and shiny ......whats it called? I forgot. It's like those strings that are really sparkly. Oh well, you know what I mean. Then I attached feathers. It looked so cool! But then I had to destroy it to get the cards and candy out. :} Yeah, I didn't think about how I had to open it. But it's not like I am going to use it again, right? Anyways, I got lots of gum and chocolate! :O My two favorite things! I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day, I did. :<3 haha I love making faces on the computer! Here, to make you happy (if your sad) I will show you my faces I make: :D :} :] :<3 :p :z :o :O :s :j :}) Okay, I'll name them for you. :) Okay, '#1, (1st) Big Smiley #2, Smirk #3, Smiley #4 Mustache w/ curly lips #5, Tongue Stick Out #6, Zipper Mouth #7, Small o #8, Big O #9, Squiggly Lips #10, Smiley w/ Mole #11, French Mustache' My favorite is the Smiley w/ Mole :D Look: :j haha I love it! Well, Happy Valentines Day!!! <3

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Can't wait till summer...

School is not fun. I can not wait until summer! I'm so excited to sleep in, go in the pool, and not have to worry about homework or any projects. This is the worst time of the year.... I have had so many projects in the last few weeks. Its crazy. I guess I will just have to wait. :(