Friday, April 27, 2012

Can't wait...

    I can't believe it, its already late April! Its almost summer, everyone! Summer. Oh my, I just love summer. Don't you? Summer is my time. My time to do whatever I want to. To spend a day outside, exploring. Or a day in my bed with a book in my face. I just like it when I can do whatever I really want to do. Not having to go to school, or finish a project for school clubs. Let me tell you, I'm a busy girl. I have school, homework, softball, sketchbook club, my own blog that I can never seem to keep up with, and my own home projects. Like watching T.V, haha, or having my free time with books. And I love reading, but sometimes there are periods when I really have no time for reading, or all the time I can get. But the weird thing is that I usually want to read when I'm busy, and don't want to read when I have nothing else to do. My life is complicated, I'm just trying to keep up with it. :)
        But I think I have a pretty good look in my future. Maybe I want to be on Broadway, but I also have many other things in plan. I'm going to be an illustrator for kids books and stuff, and study literature in college. Then I will write my own books, (kids & adults) and also illustrate them. By the money on my books, I will buy an apartment and find a husband. We will plan a life together, for example get a house in Hawaii. :) Then we will have 4 girls all spaced apart by 2 years. Haha, I already know how my life will lay out. Even though my life will probably be nothing like that, I still have Summer to dream about it. :) I can't wait..... :)