Monday, July 23, 2012


           Just got back from Gatlinburg the other day, summer vacations are the best! We rented a cabin in the mountains, we usually do every few years. We were going to plan a summer vacation to the beach, but it didn't work out. So we decided to take some time off, relax, and have some fun in Gatlinburg. But my oldest sister couldn't come because of her work. :( We did lots of fun activities, we shopped around, went on the Ski Lift, spent a day at Wonder Works, (The house of illusions) went to DollyWood, Dixie Stampede, and my favorite, ATV riding. Okay, so I have never ridden an ATV before, so my sister and I rode the smallest one. :) (the easiest) while my other sister rode the medium one, and my dad rode the biggest. My mom was too scared to drive one... ;) so she stayed home at the cabin. Anyways, so when the people gave direction of how to drive one, I had no idea what they were talking about. Thank goodness my family was in a separate group from everyone else....So when they told our group to go, I was first in line and I had no idea to what I was doing. So..I just sat there trying to talk over all the engines telling the other helper that I didn't know what to do. So yeah, he helped me. Then we started our journey through the mountains. At first, I was horrible. I was really slow, and I couldn't get up some out of no where I just stopped in the middle of a hill and I slowly started rolling backwards...luckily our guide person helped me when ever I got stuck. Really I was just afraid to push the gas harder. :) So I got through the gas part, but then there is the break part. We were going down a steep hill and suddenly my sister that was in front of me stopped in the middle of the track while I am going full speed down the hill. Apparently her hand was "Cramping up" So she needed to stop and stretch her hand. :/ Seriously? I know. So I yelled at her but she didn't hear me, I tried to push the brake as hard as I could, but it was too late. Luckily it wasn't a big crash, or else I'd have to pay for it. But our ATV's barely touched. After a few minutes, I was a pro. :) It was a beautiful track, with lots of trees and mountains. And it wasn't a hot day either. When it was time to go, I didn't want to get off. :) But I had too....I want to go riding again it was soo fun! Now I feel like I can drive a car....Not really. :) But you know, I have had lots of dreams lately where I have driven my own car...its weird. Oh! I almost forgot to tell about river walking. :) Not the best experience...So my family and I packed water shoes so we could go river walking. At first it was fine, I mean the river had some rocks, but it wasn't that bad. But a few minutes later I couldn't walk. There were rocks EVERYWHERE! Big rocks, little rocks, sharp rocks, slippery rocks....Probably every kind of rock there is in the world. Anyways, we were making our way up the river and saw tons of crayfish. It was pretty cool. So we were making bets of who we thought was going to fall first. Of course we did not want to get wet, we didn't have our suits on. I though that my mom or dad were going to fall. Everyone else bet on me. :) Of course, I fell first. Why me? I wasn't completely soaked, but I was pretty wet. Then my sister fell in. :) hehe...Then me again. Seriously, I think somethings wrong with me. This time I was soaking wet. Up to my neck. :/ Not fun....I was just about to give up, then finally we decided to head back to our car. My mom suggested we should just float back to the car. :) But I was already drying off. It was pretty fun, & really hard. :) Gatlinburg is really fun. You should try taking a vacation there. :)

                                   <3  r-girl  <3

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