Saturday, August 25, 2012

School Is Suprisingly Okay. :)

    So school has started. This Monday is going to be the third week of school. -And here's the weird thing, its actually okay. I have a really good teacher and I also have friends in my class. I have actually been learning, :) and its not that bad. I just have a lot of homework. Like a lot. I have to know the whole USA map by this Tuesday, and I only know like 14 states. Thats not good. :( So I really should be studying right now...but oh well. I have time. I really miss summer though. I miss being able to sleep in, and doing whatever I want without having a schedule.
     The super cool thing about school is that 5th graders get their own school emails. Usually you get one in middle school, but they changed it this year. Yay! :) So yeah, that's cool. Anyways, school is heading off to a good start. Hopefully it stays that way. :)