Monday, July 9, 2012

My Birthday Week :)

     Yay! This week is my birthday week, and im so very excited. :) I love having family over to celebrate, and I have been waiting forever to turn 11. It seems so old, but its really not. :) It seems like just yesterday I was waiting to turn 10.
     I can't wait to eat my yummy Puddles! Here's the thing, I am not a fan of cake...So I always have Puddles for my birthday instead of a cake. :) I love Puddles, it is so yummy. It isn't actually Puddles, or even called that. I really have no idea what they are called...something fancy. But we made up that  name because the first time we tried it, (I was so little I don't even remember) we were at a party outside and it was so hot that it melted and looked like puddles. Mmmm, just thinking about that makes my stomach growl, even though I just had a big bowl of chili. Puddles is chocolate with crackers and some kind of cream...I really have no idea whats actually inside that creamy chocolatey stuff. But its good. :) I'm extremely excited for this dress that my mother is getting for me. (that I picked out) Its soo cute!!!! And this adorable orange purse that my sisters are splitting for me. (i picked that out too) Anyways, I just can't wait. :)

                                    <3  r-girl  <3

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